Contact Lenses

As a forward thinking practice we are at the forefront of technology when it comes to contact lens wear. Dennis Cotler has been fitting contact lenses for over 25 years and the knowledge gained is used in everyday practice. Indeed, he specialises in complex cases.

The majority of spectacles wearers are also very suitable for contact lenses. As a result of technological advances many of today's wearers alternate between spectacles and contact lenses as it suits them. This can be as a result of mood, convenience or requirement, for example, wearing contact lenses on holiday or for social occasions and spectacles for work and for relaxation at home.

There are many different types of contact lenses available with the most popular being a disposable lens. These are replaced on a daily, 2 weekly or monthly basis and now (with the exception of the daily lens) have a one step solution which makes them more practical to use as you donít need a mini laboratory in your bathroom.

The daily lens is an excellent choice for sports or occasional wear as it really is a case of take it out and throw it away. There are also lenses available now to correct astigmatism. This means the eye is rugby ball shaped not football shaped and traditional lenses have not been able to correct this. A toric lens is now available to correct this and even more of the population can wear lenses.

Also now available are lenses to correct presbyopia. This is where a reading prescription is now needed as well as a distance prescription. A variety of designs and styles of lenses now solve to problem of having to have reading glasses over your traditional contact lenses.

There are also soft lenses and Gas permeable (RGP) lenses available to correct complex prescriptions. Also available is Orthokeratology Ė the safe, fully reversible alternative to laser treatment. Please contact us for further details. Disposable lenses are available in most prescriptions and if you would like to try them, please talk to us about a no-obligation trial.

*The appropriate wearing time as recommended by your contact lens practitioner must always be adhered to. Over wearing of lenses can result in injury to the eye.