For some people image is very important and your choice of frame can say a lot about you. At The Cotler Practice we understand that and are here to make your life and choice easier as a result. In an ideal world we would have a different pair of specs for each outfit we have.

In reality people are becoming more adventurous in their choice of spectacle styles and now most spectacle wearers own more than the one pair. However, we appreciate this is not always practical and thatís why we are here to help you tailor the need for spectacles with a need for looking fashionable and practicality.

A bright green frame may look fabulous when youíre wearing green but a bit odd if youíre in yellow! Our qualified, experienced and honest advisors will help you find the best solution. With their expert knowledge of the wide choice of frames we have, finding 3 or 4 options is the easy part! We can then advise you on the choice of lenses to find truly the best solution for your eyecare needs.

Our job is to help you select the style that best suits, not only you, but also your lifestyle!

As a designer practice we are major stockists for Polaris Rimless Eyewear, Gucci, DKNY, Diesel, Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren and many, many more.

We are also exclusive stockists for Face a Face, Paul Smith, Birka, Scandinavian eyewear and Air/Rim/Spirit Titanium. Also coming soon are Prada and Alain Mikli.